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Speak Life: The Power of Words


Speak Life: The Power of Words

Michelle Winder

Being a mother is the most valuable job on earth and it carries a weighty responsibility. As moms, we long to raise happy, successful children.  But HOW?

Using God’s Word and personal stories, Michelle will:

  • Uncover the secret to molding your children’s self perception, as well as their world view.
  • Teach you how to keep other forces in life, such as media, tech & peer pressure from shaping your children.
  • Reveal the strategy to get your children to love you long after they leave home.
  • Encourage, empower and equip you to parent amazing kids!

Michelle Winder is an engaging author, coach and international speaker who is authentic and entertaining. Her life experiences, including being raised from the dead, provide a wealth of wisdom for her dynamic, informative, speaking topics. She's learned that time is life and we cannot waste it! Her program, Rock YOUR Red Carpet, empowers empty-nest women to live the abundant life that Jesus died for. One consistent principle woven through all of Michelle's coaching and speaking is practical application of biblical principles. Michelle emphasizes how to walk through the challenges we all face, head on, without fear.

Michelle and her husband, Bill, live in Carlsbad, CA. They continue a close relationship with their 2 married children. Their son and daughter-in-law live near them in Encinitas, CA. Their daughter and son-in-law, expecting their first son in August, live on the Winder’s horse ranch, Safe Haven Farms, outside of Lexington, KY.



Hearing God in a Noisy World with Michelle Winder

“My sheep will hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me”  John 10:29. We’re told that we will hear His voice, but how? In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn to hear God, and to discern if the voice you hear is Jesus, the enemy, or the pizza you had for dinner.

You've Got a Friend in Me with Cynthia Bardeen

A look at the wonderful relationships of friends in our lives.  There are moments in our lives shared with friends that are filled with laughter and joy, then we may have times of difficult differences.  There is strength we share as we invest in each other in the seasons of life. Friendship is meant to bring encouragement, hope and wisdom so let's talk about it.

Hostess Gifts for the Holidays with Nora Wright

Come and learn some fun, simple ideas for holiday hostess and teachers gifts, as well as some tips on how to conquer Christmas chaos. There will be handouts with ideas and we'll make one hands on gift to take with you.

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Later Event: December 1
A Christmas Changed by Prayer