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Living From the Heart

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Living From the Heart

Cindy Incorvaia

Our hearts are God’s utmost concern. How can we boldly dare to uncover our masks, face our fears, and live openly, honestly, vulnerably and boldly for our King? We’ll look at stories from Scripture, and Cindy’s own testimony of how God took her from a timid shy apologetic Christian woman to one who knows what she carries and shares it in an equipping fashion to empower believers in different parts of the world — with NO apologies!



Let's Talk Destiny with Cindy Incorvaia

Learn ways to explore and become confident in what we carry, what we’ve been given, what our core passion is and how to nurture it, even when we’re buried in motherhood.

The Dad Perspective

With Father’s Day approaching, come hear from a select panel of dads who love God and are doing their best to raise up their children up in the Lord. These men will share their perspective of motherhood, their needs as a dad, and offer a time of question and answers.

Succulent Wreaths with the TMC Team

Come enjoy a refueling time of creativity and fellowship.