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Dressing for the Downpour

Dressing for the Downpour

Lita De Andres

We all want to be that Proverbs 31 woman yet it often feels unachievable. What does it mean to be clothed with strength and dignity and how do we laugh at the days to come when we are staring straight at "roaring lions" seeking to destroy our most precious treasures - our children? Lita De Andres, a mother of a chronically ill child, shares her story of triumph that didn’t come from a change of circumstances but through the place where she finds her hope and the way God speaks to her heart during the most trying of times.


Quieting My Heart with Lita De Andres

How do we quiet our heart and mind when we are faced with overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and spiritual attacks? Hear stories of struggles and learn practical tools to help us find victory in the Lord, no matter our circumstances. A time of prayer will follow.

Life Transitions...The New Normal with Sue Powell

In contrast to motherhood, one of the most joyful seasons of life, growing older comes with many difficult seasons too. Whether you’ve lost a parent, are caring for a grieving parent, or are transitioning from being the child of your parents to the parent of your parents, learn how to walk through the emotions and trials of this new normal and receive practical tools, support, and counsel to help you through this challenging time of life.

♥ Enhancing Closeness: Fulfilling the Female Design with Jennie Carstens

Specific roles of the mother are taught concerning: intimacy impartation and enhancing closeness, fulfilling the female design of nurture and care, developing connectedness and lastly creating a space of worship as the primary homemaker.

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