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Friendship in the Garden

Friendship in the Garden

Sherrie Bates Ness

As moms, our time is limited and we often neglect ourselves. God has given us relationships to be life-giving and to help us to grow, but they require intentional effort and care to keep them flourishing in our lives. Fourth generation owner of Bates Nut Farm, Sherrie Bates Ness, will help us to see our relationships in a whole new way and teach us how to nurture and weed our friendships, just like a garden.



Planting Seeds in Relationships with Sherrie Bates Ness

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♥ Sharing God's Design for the Body with Your Kids (Part 2)
 with Linda Stewart & Linda Noble

Rethinking the way we talk about the body, sex and relationships with our sons and daughters, and encouraging exploration of God’s vision for human flourishing as well as the way this vision impacts our choices.

♥ Join the Knitting Circle with Cynthia

A fun and easy introduction to the timeless craft of knitting!  Come get inspired and gain enough knowledge to create your own little masterpiece.