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How to Navigate Your Family in a Highly Sexualized Culture

How to Navigate Your Family in a Highly Sexualized Culture

Jeff & Robin Reinke

This workshop will look at how pornography is impacting the family unit from as early as 7 years old. The information will include the most recent statistics of pornography impacting the family and the church. Come hear how to create a home of love, awareness & safety.



♥ Top 5 Marriage Busters & Tips to Solve Them with Jeff & Robin Reinke

Join the Reinke's as they share on the challenges of marriage & how to reconnect on this amazing journey called “usness”. Robin & Jeff Reinke have counseled people for thousands of hours in the last 25 years. He is a Marriage & Family Pastor with a Masters degree in Counseling and she is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

♥ Sharing God's Design for the Body with Your Kids (Part 1)
with Linda Stewart & Linda Noble

Rethinking the way we talk about the body, sex and relationships with our sons and daughters, and encouraging exploration of God’s vision for human flourishing as well as the way this vision impacts our choices.

Guided Painting with Jen Winters

Jen will guide you through the process of painting your own masterpiece while we sip on coffee and enjoy time together.

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