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When Love Doesn't Give Back

When Love Doesn't Give Back

Rachel Cherry

Love is what we all crave.  We spend our entire lives giving love and seeking love. Sacrificing as mom has many times left me feeling like I give and give, while others keep taking.  Join me, as I share my personal foster/adoption stories of how God has brought me to a place of understanding His true definition of love.  

Rachel writes from her heart about her family life, foster care, adoption, and faith journey. Your can visit her blog here: Layers Upon Layers



♥ Broken Heart to Brave Heart with Rachel Cherry

Every heart has an inward battle that rages inside. How can we enter a place of bravery, when we feel so broken inside? Regardless of your childhood history or hurts, grab hold of courage and be inspired to step into the role that God has for you today.

♥ Every Season Counts with Wendy Hinman

Who has the strongest influence in our children’s life in all their phases? Sometimes it’s mom, sometimes dad, sometimes peers. Learn keys to each phase and how to help your child through the influencers.

♥ Hooked on Hebrew with Rebecca Levas

Are you "hungering” for a deeper walk with Jesus”? Come learn the 22 letters of the Hebrew “aleph-bet"! Why? Because every letter of this holy language is designed to represent a “picture” of something that any ancient person could relate to. See how every action word points to Jesus the Messiah, or reflects a “spiritual principle”. It’s so simple that even a “child” can understand it. See for yourself the beauty of God’s Word through “Hebrew" eyes!

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