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Long Days of Small Things

Long Days of Small Things

Catherine McNiel

It's easy to feel spiritually dry when so much of our energy is poured out on our families - and guilty too, when we don't have the energy left to seek God as we've been taught. But our Creator is right here in the midst of our sleepless nights and chaotic days. Without adding more "to-do's" to our schedules, we can find him right here inside of motherhood.

Catherine McNiel survived her children's preschool years by learning to find beauty in the mayhem. Now, she writes to open the eyes to God's creative, redemptive work in each day. Catherine serves alongside her husband in a community-based ministry, while she cares for three kids, works two jobs, and grows one enormous garden.



Practicing the Practices with Catherine McNeil

Let's get practical: what does practicing motherhood as a spiritual discipline look like in real life? Using our real experiences, we'll discover "practices" that allow us to set our minds on God in the tasks and seasons we're already in.

The Juggling Act with Lynsey Dietze

Life can be crazy for a mom, trying to balance a number of responsibilities all at the same time. Learn how to take back control of your time, and live out what you value.

9 Ways to Add Wow Factor to Any Room with Julie Dillon

Simple & straight forward tips to add style and serenity in your very own home, tips to make it look like you hired an Interior Stylist.

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