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Hooked on Hebrew

Hooked on Hebrew

Saturday AM | 8:30 - 9:15 | Room B-202

8-weeks starting January 19th through March 9th


You don’t have to know the Hebrew language or be skilled at reading it, to see how God’s “divine language” enhances one’s study of the scriptures.  Many of our words in English are abstract, like love, grace, truth, or faith.  However, in Hebrew, every word has a concrete meaning.  Every Hebrew letter is beautifully designed to represent a picture of something that any ancient man or woman could see, taste, feel, hear, smell or sense.  From Genesis to Revelation every word can be seen in light of something agricultural or biological. Why? All nations could look outside of their home and see rocks, trees, mountains, grass, dirt , water,  animals ….and people.  He also knew that everyone had a body, and therefore, could relate to word pictures using a part of the body such as  a hand, head, foot, knee, and yes…. even a liver!  By the end of this class, you will develop a greater hunger for God’s word and have the “tools” to dig deeper into the ancient soil of God’s Word.

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