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Savoring the Bright Spots


I am convinced that there are golden threads woven into every experience. The valuable, shiny and meaningful things that make life truly worthwhile. God weaves them in to remind that He loves us and that we are not alone. As we savor these bright spots and learn to find the gold - even in our trials - we will find His hand.

Stephanie currently lives in Southern California and has dedicated the past 16 years to working in ministry to children, teenagers, and families. She is a full time wife and mom and writes about her experiences on her blog, Golden Threads. You can learn more about her and read her blog at: 



♥ How to Celebrate People Well with Stephanie Day

Celebrating well is at the heart of God. Celebrating people, milestones, the start of something big, the end of something hard…it helps draw out and even create golden threads in our lives. Why does it matter? How can we do it well? How can it connect us deeper to God?

♥ Letting Him Shine with Wendy Hinman

How can a wife be a partner in parenting while following her husband’s lead? Why is that important and how does that help our kids? Come learn how to keep the crown on your children’s father’s head. This is good for married, single and blended families.  

♥ DIY Succulent Pumpkins with TMC Team

Follow easy instructions to make your own stunning succulent pumpkin and take it home to kick off your holiday decorating!  

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